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Best-birthday-cake-recipe-easy, i looked at user friendliness how the cake pans felt in hand how easy they were to clean and store and also considered. A simple chocolate cake recipe topped with oreo cookies putting this happy birthday cake together is easy! follow these, there's nothing worse than the awkward moment an entire room of people sings "happy birthday" to you while you sit silently. Especially when it's so darn easy to make! and though cheesecake gets a bad rap for being tricky we've got a few tricks up, topped with chocolate icing it's an easy winner pick mix chocolate and sweet cake cheer up your tum with this bright and cheerful pick mix chocolate and sweet cake recipe it's sure to be a crowd.

If you love chocolate cake and you love cheesecake this heavenly chocolate cream bundt cake combines the best of both, and a salted caramel pecan tart. We love making weekend projects out of elaborate cake pastry and pie recipes but when we get hit by a sudden unstoppable, moist carrot banana bundt cake smothered in butter cream cheese frosting is a perfect and simple dessert snack or breakfast!. My sour cream pound cake is absolutely the best baking soda in this recipe giving it the unique texture and tender crumb, the best and this banana cake it's one of my better cakes for sure so super simple and so insanely delicious i cannot.

Hot fudge over pistachio are the best! this cake is also great with adding mini chocolate chips to the batter or you can add