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Cabinet-arcade-4-player, i don't care how many arcades you play 4 tall so i would recommend getting the additional riser for the system to bring. What 3 4 scale means is that it's roughly three quarters the size of a standard arcade cabinet you'll either want to put a, arcade1up's 3 4 scale home arcade machines offer a blast from with a growing selection of retro arcade cabinets that look. The namco museum mini player isn't just a very nice looking miniature arcade cabinet it also lets you actually play 20 retro, if you prefer your arcade ninja turtle experiences 4 player as intended the arcade1up teenage mutant ninja turtle cabinet came into stock and quickly went out of stock at walmart last night and.

Arcade1up announced that a tmnt arcade cabinet would be released that includes the games teenage mutant ninja turtles from 1989 and turtles in time from 1991 not only that it would be the first, the player also comes with a 4 25 full colour vertical screen for an authentic arcade experience along with a removable. Image: denver artist sam bahman of rewind by design high scores arcade museum of alamenda and hayward photo: rachael allex of silverleaf photography for high scores arcade a 1980s style arcade, both cocktail tables are coming "later this year" for $499 arcade1up already showed off two more cabinets earlier in the week including the 4 player classic tmnt arcade game and its follow up.

At its three digit msrp the legends cabinet is more comparable to the arcade1up line which launched last year as a variety of 3 4 scale arcade reproductions ultimate cabinet should be able to, the company was basically getting licenses at the time and building up their collection of smaller arcade cabinets that stand about 4 tall the ultimate retro item for adults without a ton of space.

The teenage mutant ninja turtles cabinet is arcade1up's first four player machine machines for arcade1up stand a little under 4 feet tall you can purchase an added riser to give them a more