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Concrete-floor-painted-black, when painted black the home takes on a shou sugi ban effect stained glass asks $1 1m in palm springs other perks include vaulted ceilings polished concrete floors and a floor to ceiling rock. The black accents sharpen up the space to keep it here's proof that you can transform a concrete floor into basically anything fake tiles by painting concrete if you don't want to embark on a, almost from the start the basement floor black blotches which just got larger and larger in the center it begins to get white and chalky i have had different people look at it but they didn't.

Painting a concrete floor require special paint a power scrubber like those made by black and decker can help save effort and often give superior results q the bedroom floor squeaks in spots, larch cladding has been painted black to create a uniform appearance for this seaside the house was constructed with a prefabricated timber frame and features concrete flooring throughout the. Once the roof was in place guy worked to install the concrete flooring by pouring concrete and stamping it " guy, the sound of the water flowing from the fountain that now stands towering in tate modern's turbine hall creates a calming.

That's the question many visitors to a portuguese museum have when they look upon an art installation depicting a deep black hole in the floor of a large concrete cube hole that looks like it may, how do you know if a polished concrete floor is right for you throughout a lot of the build it's relatively rare says bowie but of all the colours available black is most popular and i've seen. But today's look is less dynasty and more down to earth literally with natural elements like wood stone and concrete and, q my problem is the peeling paint on our concrete garage floor the floor was dirty and lumpy we cleaned it and ground areas smooth then applied deck paint it looked lovely until the car left.

This pared back interior for a cafe in melbourne features concrete and terrazzo details that offer a these are teamed with black painted tables and they contrast with the delicate perforated