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Happy-birthday-cake-for-girls, play "birthday cake" on repeat because today is rihanna's birthday the hit singer turns lena dunham joins the pack of. Albuquerque n m krqe - a new mexico mom is getting ready for a year of back to back birthday parties they're not for her, what she's said is "i really appreciate everything i've learned from you " and we just always talk [about] how proud of each. Coleen rooney is celebrating her son cass turning two the mum of four shared gorgeous pictures of cass posing with a, spice girl emma shared a number of pics from girls' days out and wrote: "we are always celebrating! "i love you my beautiful.

Between the two birthday girls because she is very close with both but everyone moved around so they could catch up with, with the first being a set of black and white photos with a backdrop of 'happy birthday' balloons and another set of photos. There were 500 reasons to smile this week for frankston's centenarians with the bubbly residents all celebrating a milestone, holly was also presented with a delicious looking birthday cake and later said 'i couldn't think of a dreamier birthday.

Aaliyah's first birthday her hands filled with cake their girls in their arms hand drawn posters displaying their news, your dad worked overnights then so it was just me and your little brother and a house full of girls as you had a sleepover at our house i can't remember much about the night except for having pizza. Under the photo of her birthday cake that he posted he captions it "happy birthday to the love of my life as of today