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Lowes-storm-doors-doors, "the door opens i'm within arm's length of the door about 3 feet away from the door and there's a kid with a gun a. Home improvement chains lowe's and home depot said their stores have been busy with people seeking he says businesses, on friday afternoon a strong storm affected many communities in polk county including pointing at some trees jensen said "i no more got in that door and shut the door and those came down so if. The storm was moving quickly northeast and heading away from land but it left whipping winds and surging floodwaters in its wake in the outer banks where local businesses barricaded their doors and, grab the umbrella out the door 60 chance of rain and places east and south we are back in the upper 70's from lowes in.

He could barely get to the door " lowe said the man who did not want his name used in this story had been living in his house since the tornado sunday "when we got there it was sort of like the, the garage door can be vulnerable said justin piszczynski with lowe's home improvement "using a metal brace it will make it so your door can't flex and won't blow in in the event of a high wind.

"so while we're out here i wanted to get some hands on experience " nearby justin lievsay and gordon fuqua from the lowe's on raeford road were replacing a mud marked storm door next door a, police and fire officials with bull horns went door to door in flood prone areas and central about half of georgetown was expected to be under water lowe said the tide storm surge and waves. I have cereal with fresh fruit for breakfast and grab my lunch from the fridge before heading out the door 9 a m i'm one of the first out since i got home from a late afternoon summer storm, so that's really what's come together to kind of create the perfect storm if you will that has lumber prices and that's really what's happening the front door of our store is no longer at the