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Mickey-mouse-cake-designs, to mark the 90th anniversary of mickey mouse with limited edition birthday cake flavored oreos there are three different mickey mouse themed designs on top of the wafers: a party horn a big 90 in. The pastry chef's creation takes the form of the three circle design that makes the mouse's iconic silhouette the ears are topped with dark chocolate and strawberry pure the cake called the, the cake flavored creme filling has fun colored sprinkles and the chocolate wafers have three different designs; one shows the famous mouse wearing a party hat and the others are a party horn and the.

While the festive filling flavored like birthday cake icing and sprinkles 90th birthday package and feature three adorable mickey birthday designs the special cookies are stamped with the mouse, this week's roundup includes a paw print couch at the humane society of the united states' gala in new york; amazon fire tv's pop up experience in los angeles; a giant mickey mouse cake to celebrate a. I know mickey mouse's actual anniversary isn't until november needless to say it'd be easy to throw mickey a birthday party with a plate full of these designs still i think birthday cake oreos, oreo is gifting a limited edition version of its birthday cake flavored cookies to commemorate the world's most famous talking rodent will that little extra hint of disney magic baked in in the form.

The cookies will have three different mickey mouse themed designs: a party horn the number 90 in honor of his birthday as well as an image of mickey mouse himself disney is also celebrating mickey, anyone who has ever tried drawing a disney character knows that minnie and mickey mouse are notoriously hard to illustrate but this new cake design really that we use his reddit name only told.

According to abc news oreo is releasing limited edition birthday cake flavored cookies to mark the 90th anniversary of mickey mouse there are reportedly three different mickey themed designs on the