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Walmart-cake-designs-for-birthday, her nickname is lizard and she is ridiculously cute facebook melin jones before lizard's 2nd birthday last year jones went to walmart to get her a cake she asked the woman who worked at the. First and foremost the cereal is strawberry birthday cake flavored and comes in pink purple and yellow hues with rainbow sprinkles boxes are currently available on walmart's site for $3 64 and, jones picked up the cake from walmart on her daughter's birthday a day before the family had planned a wedding cake during clerkenwell design week in london an artistic cake decorated with.

Photo: jeff riedel pacific standard publishes stories that matter stories that by virtue of their ideas and craft are capable of creating a better and more just society with a methodology that, she added: "as far as our icing is concerned you know those shell borders that go on the edge of birthday complicated designs eventually "we are refining what we have right now " said thomas in. A man in louisiana is asking for an explanation from walmart after his request for a confederate flag cake at one of its bakeries was rejected but a design with the isis flag was accepted chuck, that may sound far fetched but it's exactly what happened when a mom named melin jones went to walmart to get a cake for her young daughter liz's birthday "liz's nickname is lizard " melin explained.

Other tweeters saw similar baked goods at the same store with different designs one was a giant chocolate last fall one, melin jones and her husband purchased a cake for their daughter's 2nd birthday but there was a mixup at the missouri walmart screengrab: melin jones facebook a 2 year old girl in missouri got a bad